Women’s Sector (IJAIWomen) [in Ja]

Overview of Women’s Sector

IJAI Women’s Sector (IJAIWomen, JA:Josei-kyoku) is the women’s activity sector, a part of IJAI.

Women’s Real-Life Research Laboratory (WRLRL, JA:Josei-genjitsu-kenkyujo) is the sector, as the redeployment of IJAIWomen, that specializes in the materials of women’s specific aspects such as female physical or mental problems with sexual matters, that we store in the large storerooms of our all-female residence as the result of the entrustment to us (female members) by Iwasaki.

Flowers at the entrance of our all-female residence where Women’s Sector office is located (as a women’s dormitory, a sorority house and a women’s shelter)

Foundations Iwasaki manages as advisor and executive director (Legal affairs, property management, system management)

The Ruskin Library of Tokyo (Under hostile takeover we have planed. Look at the page "Hostile Takeover Plan against The Ruskin Library of Tokyo")
Women's Real-Life Research Laboratory (Confidential facility for female victims)

Companions and centres of Ruskinians in Japan and other countries

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