Hostile Takeover Plan against The Ruskin Library of Tokyo

The Ruskin library of Tokyo is in a critical situation mainly due to the embezzlement of the president and domineering by older staff. We are working hard to purify it. Our job is extremely technical and we are the only ones who understand its complex methods of dealing with stock certificates. We are currently planning to have the universities (we work for or we have relationships with) carry out a hostile takeover against it. We are also considering a plan to make it function as a branch of The Ruskin Center in Lancaster University.

Foundations Iwasaki manages as advisor and executive director (Legal affairs, property management, system management)

The Ruskin Library of Tokyo (Under hostile takeover we have planed. Look at the page "Hostile Takeover Plan against The Ruskin Library of Tokyo")
Women's Real-Life Research Laboratory (Confidential facility for female victims)

Companions and centres of Ruskinians in Japan and other countries

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