Lead Excerpts of IJCA [in En, Ja]

[0 sector] Excerpts from the comprehensive guide

[00 segment] Supervisory Laboratory

Explanation of the entire archive IJCA

Construction model and conceptual diagram that give you the whole picture of Iwasaki’s activities and activities related to Iwasaki

Schematic diagram of the structure of the archive IJCA

Responses and policies regarding the enforcement and implementation of new laws and systems

Maps and explanations that give you the whole picture of the storage location and the movement plan of our archived materials

[01 segment] Iwasaki’s Activity Overview Segment

Overview of Iwasaki Junichi’s activities

Outline of Iwasaki’s activities and job offers to Iwasaki

[02 segment] Institute’s Activity Overview Segment

Explanation of the organization of our institute IJAI

Current main members and the status of integration and reorganization of the former groups and circles into the current institute

[03 segment] Cooperators and Promotion Segment

Explanation of your cooperation with Iwasaki and our institute (cooperation for archives IJCA, IJCW, etc.) and policies on your donation and support (funding, etc.)

[04 segment] Job Offer Segment

Explanation of your job offer to Iwasaki and our institute (requests to Iwasaki for lectures at universities, etc.)

List of archived materials of Iwasaki’s activities at educational research institutes and universities (high school / junior high school)

Online education and the other countermeasures to the spread of COVID-19 infections

[05 segment] User Service and Rights Managing Segment

Explanation about using the archive IJCA

[06 segment] Compilation Policies and Provision Method Managing Segment

Explanations of the compilation policies of the archives IJCA and complete works IJCW

Foundations Iwasaki manages as advisor and executive director (Legal affairs, property management, system management)

The Ruskin Library of Tokyo (Under hostile takeover we have planed. Look at the page "Hostile Takeover Plan against The Ruskin Library of Tokyo")
Women's Real-Life Research Laboratory (Confidential facility for female victims)

Companions and centres of Ruskinians in Japan and other countries

[Special Page in the Music (IJAM) Site] Introducing Ukrainian Arts and Culture

[Special Page in the English Site] Our Supports for People and Cultures of Ukraine and Others