Comprehensive Archive (IJCA) [mainly in Ja]

Iwasaki Junichi Comprehensive Archive (IJCA) is a huge archive IJAI owns. We have accumulated materials and knowledge comparable to one university faculty or one small university, centering on the copyrighted works that Iwasaki Junichi and his related members or parties created, and academic materials and classical books that they privately own. The IJDC codes of IJCA are all from [0 sector] to [9 sector].

Foundations Iwasaki manages as advisor and executive director (Legal affairs, property management, system management)

The Ruskin Library of Tokyo (Under hostile takeover we have planed. Look at the page "Hostile Takeover Plan against The Ruskin Library of Tokyo")
Women's Real-Life Research Laboratory (Confidential facility for female victims)

Companions and centres of Ruskinians in Japan and other countries

[Special Page in the Music (IJAM) Site] Introducing Ukrainian Arts and Culture

[Special Page in the English Site] Our Supports for People and Cultures of Ukraine and Others