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Thank you for visiting.

This page is the English home page of Iwasaki Junichi Academic Institute (IJAI). We have archived the activities of Iwasaki Junichi and his related members and parties who develop cross-disciplinary and trans-regional academic activities. We are working with the perspective of “Niches of Episteme”.

We are very sorry that most of the links are to our sites and pages written only in Japanese. However, “Overview of Our Archives” provides an overview in English, and “Lead Excerpts of IJCA” links to the main materials with the English translations of their titles. Please refer to these for the overall picture of our activities.

Additionally, please use Google Translate’s Website Translator which we have manually set on each our site and page or the one which has been provided via Google Chrome according to your own language. (The former one on each our site and page often become undisplayed when you use the browser’s back button. When that happens, press the reload button.)

Foundations Iwasaki manages as advisor and executive director (Legal affairs, property management, system management)

The Ruskin Library of Tokyo (Under hostile takeover we have planed. Look at the page "Hostile Takeover Plan against The Ruskin Library of Tokyo")
Women's Real-Life Research Laboratory (Confidential facility for female victims)

Companions and centres of Ruskinians in Japan and other countries

[Special Page in the Music (IJAM) Site] Introducing Ukrainian Arts and Culture

[Special Page in the English Site] Our Supports for People and Cultures of Ukraine and Others